DuraTec ® complex fertilizer

Complex fertilizer DuraTec ® Top 21 21-5-9 (+ 2 + TE)

There is certainly soil that is ideal for a grass mix. The problem is that it is never where we want to build our lawn. One or more macro and micronutrients are always missing. The solution? Soil nutrition. 

Another problem is that mowing the lawn removes some of the nutrients. Therefore, soil nutrition is needed. In our Grass Roll we use NPK complex mineral fertilizer. By putting it next to the grass seeds, we guarantee its easy assimilation, from the very beginning. The fertilizer used in the grass roller is based on DuraTec ® technology. This is an innovative technology for controlled release of macro and micronutrients with immediate and long-term effect. It also has a positive effect on the environment by reducing greenhouse gases and nitrogen leakage in the form of nitrates. By using an inhibitor and a polymer coating on the granules, the elements are released and respectively absorbed from the grass evenly and for a longer period, which improves the efficiency of nutrition. The action lasts up to 3 months. 

As the numbers suggest the content is 21% nitrogen (9.9% nitrate nitrogen, 11.1% ammonium nitrogen), 5% soluble phosphate, 9% potassium oxide, 2% magnesium oxide, 6% sulphur, also boron, iron and zinc. 

The recommended norm is 5-30 grams / m2. The amount set in the Grass Roller is 30 g/m2 and this ensures that the grass receives the necessary nutrients from the moment of sowing. 

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