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In our online shop you will find quality and innovative products for your garden.

The idea behind it is to offer, inform and promote innovative and traditional garden products that enable you to create your dream garden in an easy and convenient way, bringing you closer to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Because garden work doesn’t have to be from dawn to dusk, but so that you have time to enjoy the result.

For a green lawn - innovative Grass Roll

green rubber boots with grass and flowers

There’s no easier way to feel at home in nature than having your morning coffee on the green lawn. But anyone who hasn’t faced the difficulties of creating the perfect lawn themselves cannot appreciate the significance of the problems and risks that need to be overcome.
The Grass Roll is designed to make it easier to sow the grass. It allows everyone in the family to participate in the sowing process. There is no need to use special equipment or lift heavy rolls of grass turf. The roll weighs just over …half a kilo

Easier than ever

The Grass Roll offers a complete solution that replaces several operations with one unrolling of the roll.

quick and easy laying of the grass roll

Perfect conditions

With the grass roller you create perfect conditions for the grass to germinate and form a perfect turf.

The grass has sprouted in 10-14 days

Saving water

The embedded hydrogel in the grass roll retains moisture longer and reduces the amount of water needed for watering.

Irrigation system for lawn

Perfect for sloping terrain

The biodegradable paper of the Grass Roll holds the seeds until they germinate and prevents water from carrying them away.

Easy grassing of sloping terrain

Repair of damaged sections

The Grass Roll is the easiest option to quickly and effectively restore damaged areas on your lawn.

Damaged lawn in the yard

Safe for nature

No insecticide spraying is required with the grass roll, and the paper in which the seeds are embedded is biodegradable.

Bee on lavender - grass roll eliminates spraying with insecticides

Get your Grass Roll for only 39,90lv!

For rich flower beds - Flower Mix

green rubber boots with grass and flowers

The specially developed concept makes it easy for you to create a beautiful flower bed that is a joy for the eyes and a constant source of fresh flowers for bouquets. You save time searching for information, designing the space and buying lots of seed packets to reach the desired result. Специално проектирани за този продукт машини поставят семената на точното за вида растение разстояние в биоразградима хартия. This enables each seed to receive sufficient water and nutrients from the soil and develop optimally.

20 types of flowers

Bring a variety of colours and shapes of summer and autumn flowers into your garden and home.

Mix garden flowers from seeds in a paper roll

The perfect mix

The roll contains seeds of favourite flowers that coexist perfectly and bloom from spring to autumn.

Wreath of different flowers from the garden


The seeds are factory placed in the paper at the correct spacing to allow them to grow without interfering.

Roll with flower mix for easy growing flowers in the garden

Get a flower mix roll for only 11,90lv!

Enjoy your perfect garden with our innovative products

Coming soon

green grass decorative element

Seed mats for pots

Spice and flower seeds in biodegradable paper mats. Suitable for planting and growing in pots and planters on the terrace or in the garden. Selected types of popular, attractive, hanging basket flowers and spices.

Planting potted flowers and herbs in a paper disc

If you haven't found the information you need about our products on the website or labels, we are available and happy to assist you.

Testimonials from our customers

green grass decorative element

I struggled with ryegrass for a few years, but nothing worked. My terrain is sloping and the soil is clay. The rain and the ants carried everything away. I finally found the Roll and I can't believe how well it turned out.

Ivailo R.

Let your neighbours envy you!

Impress everyone with a perfectly planted grass with minimal effort.


I didn't believe it could be that easy! In a few hours, the kids and I got everything done. I was scared of the heavy rains, but no damage - we now have beautiful green grass.

Galia D.
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