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The idea is to provide, inform and promote innovative and traditional garden products that enable you to create your dream garden in an easy and convenient way, bringing you closer to the environmentally friendly way of life. Because working in the garden should not last from dawn till dusk, and you should have time for yourself and enjoy the results.

For thick, lush lawn – an innovative Grass Roll

green rubber boots with grass and flowers

There is no easier way to feel like you’re among nature than drinking your morning coffee on a green lawn. But only those who have not faced the challenges of creating the perfect grass carpet won’t be able to appreciate the significance of the problems and risks that need to be overcome. 
The grass-roll is conceived in a way that makes glass planting much easier. It allows each member of you family to participate in the sowing process. There is no need for special equipment or lifting heavy rolls of grass turf. Our roll weighs a little over …just half a kilo!

Easier than ever

The Grass Roll offers a complex solution which replaces several operations with one unwinding of the roll.

quick and easy Grass Roll setup

Ideal conditions

With the Grass Roll you create ideal conditions for the germination of the grass and the formation of a perfect grass carpet.

Grass grows in 10-14 days

Save on water

The hydrogel included in the Grass Rolls maintains the moisture for longer and reduces the amount of water needed for watering.

Irrigation system for grass carpet irrigation

Perfect for sloping terrain

The biodegradable paper on the Grass Roll holds the seeds until they germinate and does not allow the water to carry them away.

Easy grass growing on a sloping terrain

Repair damaged sections

The Grass Roll is the easiest option to quickly and effectively restore any damaged sections along your lawn.

Damaged grass carpet in your yard

Safe for the environment

The Grass Roll does not require insecticide treatment, and the paper holding the seeds is biodegradable.

Bees on lavender – the Grass Rroll eliminates the need for insecticide treatment

Get your Grass Roll now – only BGN 39.90!

Flower Mix – for rich flower beds

green rubber boots with grass and flowers

This specially developed concept makes it easier for you to create beautiful flower beds that will delight your sense of aesthetics and will be a constant source of fresh flowers for bouquets. You get to save all the time you’d otherwise spend on searching for information, designing the space and purchasing multiple seed packages to reach the desired result. Dedicated machines place the seeds in biodegradable paper, at the right distance for that particular plant species. This allows each seed to receive enough water and nutrients from the soil and grow the best way possible.

20 types of flowers

A dazzling palette of summer and autumn flowers of any colour and shape – in your garden and at home.

Garden flower seed mix in a paper roll

The perfect mix

The roll features seeds of your favourite flowers that coexist in perfect harmony and bloom from spring to autumn.

Wreath of various garden flowers

Zero effort

The seeds are factory-placed in the paper at the correct distance so they can grow without suffocating each other.

Roll with flower mix for easy growing flowers in the garden

Get a roll with a flower mix now – only BGN 11.90!

Enjoy your perfect garden with our innovative products

Coming soon

A Mauritanian lawn

The same environmentally-friendly grass-roll, but with flower seeds. Create your dream flower bed or unique flower carpet with minimal effort. 

A beautiful flower garden from a paper roll – the Mauritanian lawn

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Client feedback


I had been struggling with ryegrass for several years but nothing worked. My terrain is sloping and the soil is clayey. The rain and the ants took everything away. I finally found the Roll and I can't believe how good it turned out.

Ivaylo R.

Be the envy of your neighbours!

Impress everyone with a perfect grassy yard with minimal effort.


I never thought it would be that easy! In a few hours, the children and I set everything up. I worried about the heavy rains but there was no damage – we already have brand-new beautiful, lush grass.

Galya D.
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