Grass Roll

Sow grass in your yard easier and faster than ever before

Enjoy healthy and dense turf

What is Grass Roll?

Planting and maintaining an ideal lawn is easy "on paper only". However, we have a product that gives a new meaning to this expression. See how you can create a flawless lawn all by yourself, just in 10-14 days.

The grass roller is a complex solution for making the perfect lawn. It is an easy-to-transport paper roll with a size of 10×0.5 meters. The biodegradable paper roll is embedded with grass seeds, fertilizer and hydrogel.

  • The high quality seeds are a mix of varieties and are evenly spaced to cover the recommended sowing rate.
  • The complex fertiliser provides nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which are necessary for grass germination.
  • Hydrogel is another innovative solution. The evenly spaced hydrogel ensures that constant moisture is maintained exactly where it is needed – close to the grass roots. It reduces the need for watering and keeps the lawn always green and fresh.
Once you've tried our Grass Rolls, you're left to wonder where they've been before.

Sowing grass easier than ever

The Grass Roll offers a complete solution. Thanks to the replacement of several grass planting operations by a single roll-out, time and effort are saved. The grass seed, fertiliser and hydrogel are machine incorporated into the paper roll, eliminating the need to use specialised machinery to achieve perfectly uniform grass growth. The rolls are lightweight and easy to lay, enabling them to be laid even by children. Grass Roll is a good occasion for a family to spend time together in the garden. The technology enables everyone to take part in the process and also see the result quickly within 10-14 days.

Unrolling the grass roll

Safe for the nature

Protecting grass seeds from ants and other insects without insecticide

The Grass Roll makes it possible to protect grass seeds from ants until they germinate. Ants are a common problem and a serious factor when planting grass. They are capable of “harvesting” the seeds over a huge area, depriving you of the perfect lawn or sprouting grass altogether. The traditional solution is spraying with insecticide. With the Grass Roll, the seeds are protected from ants and birds and no insecticides are required. Also, the paper in which the seeds are embedded is biodegradable and the hydrogel is safe for both humans and nature.

Ideal for sloping terrain

It’s not just ants and birds that can spoil the pleasure of creating the perfect lawn. A similar result can occur during traditional spring or autumn rains. Even the slightest slope of the terrain creates the prerequisite for water to carry away the extremely light grass seeds. This common problem is also solved with the Grass Roll. The biodegradable paper holds the seeds until germination and prevents water from carrying the seeds away. 

Easy grassing of sloping terrain

Saving water

Irrigation system for lawn

The Grass Roll with embedded hydronanogel is a prerequisite for reducing the water required for irrigation. Hydronanogel is a substance that absorbs and retains water. 1 gram granules absorb up to 300 ml of water, which is gradually absorbed by the grass roots later. Hydronanogel is safe for humans and nature. It is active in the soil for 5 years. Improves soil structure and increases aeration.

Suitable for restoring damaged areas of existing lawns

Grass roll is a handy repair for damaged areas of your existing lawn. It is common for a pet to damage areas of existing lawn. A change in landscape design, additional construction work or intensive sporting activities can cause damage to the grass too. The Grass Roll allows the shape of the damaged area to be cut out and applied (it is necessary to remove plants, roots and side objects, and to level it).

Damaged lawn in the yard

Ideal conditions

Irrigation system for lawn

Thanks to the machine application of high-quality seeds, fertiliser and hydroponic gel, uniform grass growth is achieved, which is a prerequisite for the perfect lawn. Floranid NPK complex fertilizer is incorporated into the Grass Roll with a unique combination of two nitrogen delivery technologies for an efficient and environmentally friendly supply of nutrients. The grass roller creates the conditions for fast germination and you can enjoy the first shoots from the 10th day after laying.

See how easy and fast it is to sow grass in your yard like a pro

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Excellent alternative to ready grass turf

Our Grass Roll is an alternative to ready grass turf. Each grassing method has advantages and disadvantages. Usually, the people and companies that offer the ready grass turf service do not have a very large window of time to perform the service. Restriction due to weather, due to delivery of grass turf. It is therefore normal that they cannot take all orders. Especially those for 20-30-50-100 sq. meters.

With our Grass Roll, you can handle the grassing yourself whenever you have the time and desire. Ready grass turf for 100 square meters weigh from 1500 to 2500 kg, depending on the type. These are shipping costs. This is a labor of transference. Our Grass Roll weighs 0,6 kg. For 100 square meters the weight will be 12 kg – 20 rolls. In addition, shipping of 6 or more rolls is free. Another point is the laying time. Ready grass turf must be placed within 48 hours of being removed. Taking into account the transport time to your garden, there are generally 24 hours left for it to be laid on the ground. With our Grass roll there are no limits. You can lay the roll whenever you have the time and desire, even in parts.

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