Hydrogel in the garden

What is a hydrogel

The hydrogel is a polymer that does not dissolve in water, but absorbs water without changing its structure. It can be synthetic and natural. In recent years, it has entered our lives en masse. If you haven’t thought of a hydrogel yet, the easiest association will be with … gelatin. By imagining the action of gelatin, you will get an idea of the benefits of using hydrogel in the garden. Another example is … baby diapers. There are countless applications of the hydrogel in our daily lives – from highly specialized technical applications, explosives, to contact lenses, breast implants, adhesives, medicines, bandages and cosmetics.

Hydrogel in the garden

The main purpose of the hydrogel in the garden is to regulate soil moisture. The hydrogel absorbs and retains water in the soil. 1 gram of hydrogel granules can hold up to 300 ml of water, and the hydronanogel we use up to 400 ml. It reduces, slows down the evaporation of water. In this way, the roots have the opportunity to absorb water for a longer time.

No, the hydrogel does not cancel the obligation to water

It reduces the amount of water we use. Increases the interval between waterings. It acts as a mini tank that needs to be refilled regularly. The hydrogel granules increase in size when absorbing water (gelatin can help us imagine the process) and shrink accordingly as water is extracted from the roots. Here is the time to mention the obvious advantages of using hydrogel in the garden. Thanks to the growth and contraction of the granules, the structure of the soil improves. The roots grow through the porous spaces in the soil. The formation of mini cavities in the soil makes it easier for oxygen to reach the roots of plants and grass. On the other hand, the roots do not absorb nutrients in the soil directly, but after being dissolved in groundwater.

Expiration date of the hydrogel

The hydrogel helps to create optimal conditions for the growth of grass and plants in general in our garden. Unfortunately, the hydrogel has an expiration date. In most cases up to 3 years. The action of our hydronanogel is up to 5 years. Hydronanogel is a natural polymer and breaks down over time. It is completely harmless to nature.

When hydrogel is applied

Many people wonder how it can be placed on an already built lawn. The hydrogel cannot be imported further. At least at the current level of technology development. That is why we consider it especially appropriate to be planted near the grass seeds, as with our grass roller, when building the lawn.

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