Flower Mix

Fill your garden with colour!

A mix of specially selected flower seeds made to delight you throughout the season.

20 types of flowers
One roll of paper

A special concept of 20 types of flowers that form a beautiful and tidy multi-coloured flower bed. The automated process places flower seeds in biodegradable paper. The roll features Bulgarian garden favorites such as: marigold, zinnia, tagetes, sunflowers, asters, dragon flower, chrysanthemums and other species.

Summer and autumn flowers

We have selected seeds of flower species that will delight you with a variety and wealth of colors from early summer to late autumn.

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You do not need to go around looking for different types of flowers – all the seeds are in the paper tape.

In the desired form

You can easily shape your flower bed into the desired shape and size by simply cutting the paper with scissors.

In one roll

No need to store 10-20 packages of seeds – the seeds of all flowers are in the paper tape.

Grow beautiful flower beds with zero effort, no special skills required

With the flower mix, there is no need to plant the seeds one by one, taking into account the distance between them, considering which flowers will coexist well in your flower bed. In the roll with flower seeds, they are: 

green rubber boots with grass and flowers

All you have to do is lay down the tape, cover it with soil and water it. 

The flower mix contains seeds of annual flowers that are durable and not pretentious to the soil. It’s best that you place the tape in a well-lit place.
The flowers in our Flower Mix get 60-100 cm high. We recommend that you place thin supports so the taller specimens grow upright.
Are the flowers from the Flower Mix suitable for pots? Usually not, but prove us wrong:

  • if you have pots large enough to house plants with a height of 60-100 cm.
  • if you have enough of the large pots to house all kinds of flowers.

Where and how is it appropriate to use the flower mix?

A rich flower bed with various field flowers

For your garden

The idea of the Flower Mix carpet is to form a flower bed in your garden that will delight you with a variety of species and colours. 20 species of wild and garden flowers are included in the Flower Mix.

For bouquets

Want to make a nice bouquet? You think it’s difficult? It takes a lot of time and money? Not sure which flowers to choose? What is the ratio between multi-coloured flowers and green plants? The Flower Mix is a specially developed concept of flower seeds for bouquets that takes all these parameters into account. It includes summer and autumn flowers that will delight you with fresh flowers for a long time.

A bouquet of garden flowers
Gift set of Flower mix rolls in a box

As a gift

Instead of a bouquet of flowers, give your loved ones a garden with fresh flowers to enjoy throughout the summer until autumn, and create many beautiful bouquets and decorative objects.

For decoration

With this abundance of flowers, you can make a variety of decorative objects: weave a door wreath, make a wreath in the shape of a heart, dry some flowers and use them to make jewelry and accessories.

Decorations from natural flowers from the garden
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