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Frequently Asked Questions

The seeds retain their ability to germinate for up to three years after being placed in the grass-roll. The expiration date is marked on each roll.

Don’t forget that you can divide the setup of the lawn into several stages. You can store the unused sections for the next stage. It is enough to store the grass roll in a cardboard box in a dry place at a temperature of 5 to 40 ° C, humidity about 40%.

Initially, you should water the lawn daily. Then, depending on the weather conditions, the frequency of watering can be increased or decreased.

No. The hydronanogel is embedded into the roll and is inserted into the soil by laying down the roll. Its duration is upto 5 years.

The best time to sow and use a grass roll is from March to the end of May and from the second half of September to the end of October.

Yes, all components of the grass-roll are safe for the environment. The paper base is biodegradable and the manufacturing process of the product uses 100% renewable energy.

No, the Grass Roll can be placed by hand. Before laying the roll, we recommend that you level the soil, for which you just need a simple rake. Then, just water the grass at your convenience.

Not necessarily. The grass-roll can even be placed on concrete for decorative purposes. For the lawn, we recommend that you add some garden soil when leveling the terrain. This will guarantee you more lasting results. After placing the roll it is necessary to cover it tightly with 1-2 cm of soil. In this way, the paper roll will retain moisture for a longer time and the hydronanogel granules will remain below the surface. Do not use peat or soil for pots, such as those sold in construction hypermarkets. One construction trolley of soil is enough to cover one roll.

It is not necessary to fertilize when placing the roll. Fertilizer is inserted into the grass roller, which will provide the necessary macro and microelements for 3 months. Then you can feed the grass according to the recommended schedule.

The initial mowing should be done when the grass is 7-9 cm. The mowing should be done on dry grass and not more than ⅓ from the height of the grass. With regular watering, the grass is mowed every 5-7 days. Regular mowing is a prerequisite for the formation of a dense grass carpet.

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