The grass mix

Grass mix
Grass seeds in hand before sowing

Grass mix

The following mix is embedded in our Grass Roll.

40% Lolium Perenne Esquire

50% Festuca Rubra Maxima 1

10% Poa Pratensis Geisha

Lolium Perenne Esquire – pasture (English) ryegrass. Although we often use ryegrass as a synonym for grass, this is not the case. It is almost always a mix of genera and varieties of grass. In this case, however, it is exactly the variety of ryegrass. Resistant to low temperatures, resistant to intensive use, with a distinctive green color even in winter, with fine and elegant leaves. It compresses easily and takes up free space. An additional advantage is that it is resistant to fungal diseases and therefore has a good appearance all year round. Requires regular watering. For sunny places and colorful shade. Fast growing.

Festuca Rubra Maxima 1 – red fescue variety. Resistant to low temperatures, resistant to drought, forms a dense turf and prevents weeding. Thin leaves with deep green color. Easily occupies free spaces. Suitable for sunny and dry terrain. Relatively slow growing.

Poa Pratensis Geisha – meadow broom variety. Resistant to low temperatures, resistant to drought, forms a dense turf. Suitable for areas with heavy loads. Forms numerous rhizomes with many shoots. It is fully developed after the third or fourth year. Suitable for both sunny terrain and shade.

150 grams of the above-mentioned mix of high-quality seeds with high germination are included in our Grass Roll. Machine application ensures even seed distribution. The paper roll is made of biodegradable paper.

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