Seeds in strips

Quality seeds in a practical strip for quick and easy planting



Thanks to the machine placement of the seeds in the paper strip, your flowers and vegetables will germinate at the optimal distance from each other. The ribbon is 3 meters long and is cut with scissors and you can shape your garden as you wish. Feel free to try your design ideas!

High quality germination seeds are used in our strips.

Place the tape on the prepared terrain. Cover with 1 cm of soil and pour copiously. The result will be like a professional gardener.

With the help of our seeds in the ribbon you will sow your flowers and vegetables quickly and easily.

In our online store you will find seeds of:

Unforgettable flowers - garden plant


A favorite flower of many of us. Blooms with light blue flowers with yellowish or orange eyes. The small flowers are arranged in curved and clustered inflorescences. You can enjoy it from spring to mid-summer. Especially suitable for rock gardens.

It grows well in partial shade. Also suitable for pots.


A lesser known flower, but especially attractive with yellow flowers with a black center – that’s why the English name is Black-eyed Susan. Creeping plant. Therefore it is suitable for walls, fences or structures. It can reach up to 3 meters in height. It blooms from June to late September. It can also be sown in pots, as long as the height it reaches is taken into account. Loves a lot of sun.

Thunbergia blossomed
Top cloves


Sweet William blooms in the second year after sowing from mid-May to August. The flowers are often colorful, multicolored, have a delicate aroma and look attractive in combination with other plants in flower beds.


One of the most common garden flowers. Mix of colors in pink, red, orange, yellow, white. It grows best in the sun and humus-rich soil. Suitable for creating flower beds.

Zinnia elegance - flowering plants in the garden


Every gardener has faced the problem of sowing carrots. Our tape is the solution to this problem. Evenly spaced seeds in the bar save you nerves and time. Your carrots will sprout in a slender line. The Nantes 3 variety is suitable for juices and salads. Rich in carotene, which gives them this deep red-orange color, as well as vitamins B1, B2, PP and C.


Preferred for cultivation by most gardeners because of its unpretentious nature. Sown through seed strips, they will have access to sufficient nutrients from the soil. They need to be watered regularly. Radishes are a favorite vegetable in the spring to strengthen the immune system and supply vitamins to the body.

Link radishes from the garden
Fresh parsley grown in the garden


Parsley is a favorite spice for salads, soups and dishes. It is rich in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Folate, Potassium. Suitable for growing in the garden or in pots on the terrace. With parsley seeds in a strip you will sow this species very quickly and you will enjoy a long time of fresh spice in your home.

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