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green rubber boots with grass and flowers

Magic of Colors is a family owned company. In our online shop we offer products for hooby gardeners that will make their job easier.

The first product that we launched in 2021 and called “Grass Roll” is a brand new product on the global market. We are pleased to present it on the Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek and soon on the Spanish market. The “grass roll” is a concept to make the grassing process easier so that any hobby gardener, even without experience, can handle it the way a professional would.

A large team of international specialists is behind the development of this product – from the idea, through the creation of a hydronanogel that has no equivalent and cannot be injected further, to the design and development of machines to inject seed, fertiliser and hydrogel at the correct spacing. “Grass Roll” is a completely eco-friendly product, and even its label is made of a special kind of paper for which not a single tree has been cut.
We have the difficult task of reaching people and showing the existence of something so new and unknown. A year later, we are delighted when people call us and talk about Grass Roll.

Well maintained garden with grass and flowers
Grass seed, fertiliser and hydrogel in an easy-to-plant paper roll

With the success of the Grass Roll, the need for new products has also emerged

green rubber boots with grass and flowers

The adventure we started with a completely unknown product on the market, led to the addition of several new products from the same range.

Flower Mix” is a colorful magic carpet. Again, there is an idea behind it, not just a mix of flower seeds. The idea of a ready-planned flower bed that gives colour all summer and right through to October.

The third line of products we have added are “Seeds in Tapes“. This kind of products are already present on the market, but for many people they are still unknown. Their main advantage is the pre-placement of the seeds at the right distance. In the case of very small seeds this is particularly important and favours their development.

green rubber boots with grass and flowers

Our mission is to make gardening easy and accessible for more people

In the creation of each product we pay special attention to every detail – from the most important selection of high-quality seeds from the best seed growers, ideal technical performance in production, sufficient useful information for the customer.

  • With our products we want to reach people who have no experience with gardening and inspire them to try growing their own herbs on the terrace, for example, because it’s easy.
  • We want to make it easier for people who have loved and cared for their gardens for years.
  • We also want to involve the children in growing their own herbs and vegetables because it’s fun, colourful and delicious in the end.

And for us as parents, it is more than important for children to spend more time outside with an activity that gets them moving, makes them think and learn how to grow vegetables.

We have over 20 years of experience in the hobby gardening industry in this country and internationally and put all our energy and skills into Magic of Colors. We learn every day because we believe that this is the only way, especially in the dynamic times in which we live.

We believe in the magic of colours and hope our products will make your garden or terrace a more beautiful and colourful place for you.

In our online shop you can find the latest products from the world of gardening.

Important information about our online store
Certificate of registration as a dealer in seeds and/or propagating material

Magicofcolors Ltd is a legitimate merchant of seed material – vegetable, decorative, medical and fragrant cultures, registered into the National Electronic Register of the Executive Agency for Variety Testing, Approbation and Seed Control to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry.

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