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green rubber boots with grass and flowers
seed tape or disk

Seeds in biodegradable paper tape/disk

This is a method in which seeds are placed in biodegradable paper. Not all seeds are suitable for this method. Species for which it is ...
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Paper discs with flower seeds and personal messages

Seed Paper – A Beautiful and Meaningful Way to Beautify and Protect the Planet

You may or may not know that paper waste represents about 25% or ¼ of the total volume in landfills. Millions of trees are cut ...
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Mineral fertiliser granules with trace elements

New complex mineral fertilizer for our Grass Roll

Floranid® Twin Eagle Master 19-5-10(+2) Our Grass Roll now has a new complex mineral fertilizer – Floranid® Twin Eagle Master 19-5-10(+2) What are the characteristics ...
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