New complex mineral fertilizer for our Grass Roll

Floranid® Twin Eagle Master 19-5-10(+2)

Our Grass Roll now has a new complex mineral fertilizer – Floranid® Twin Eagle Master 19-5-10(+2)

What are the characteristics of the new fertilizer?

Floranid® Twin Eagle Master 19-5-10(+2) is a long-lasting complex mineral fertilizer in the form of fine granules with very good water solubility. Thanks to the dual nitrogen delivery technology – ISODUR® and CROTODUR® and the macro and trace element content, it is particularly suitable for grassland.


19% nitrogen

5% -phosphorus pentoxide

10% – potassium oxide

2% – magnesium oxide

22.5% -sulphur trioxide

0.01% – soluble copper

0.7% – ferrous sulphate

0.1% – manganese sulphate

0.01% – zinc sulfate

What are the advantages?

Floranid® Twin Eagle Master 19-5-10(+2) is suitable for lawns, sports turf and golf courses. It supports the development of the grass root system. Improves disease resistance. Regulates grass growth.

With ISODUR® technology, nitrogen is released at relatively low temperatures. The technology and fertiliser are therefore particularly suitable for grass sowing in autumn and early spring.

CROTODUR® technology ensures the release of nutrients with a delay.

The combination of the two technologies ensures the even release of nutrients over a period of 14 weeks. Thanks to this, the grass absorbs them more efficiently for its growth and root system.

The smaller granule size is a prerequisite for the even distribution of fertiliser and nutrients on the ground.

The presence of Magnesium – supports winter hardiness and early grass growth. Gives intense color. Lack of magnesium leads to yellowing of the grass. It is especially necessary in sandy soil or additionally placed sand.

The presence of Sulfur – is considered the fourth “essential” macro element. Plays an important role in maintaining the health of the lawn. 2 of the 20 amino acids produced by grass contain sulfur. Sulphur is also a component of the vitamins that improve the grass’s resistance to disease. Improves soil structure.

The presence of Iron – iron is necessary for the production of chlorophyll. It adds colour to the grass and improves disease resistance.

Zinc availability – zinc is important for even grass growth.

The presence of Copper – it is essential for the production of chlorophyll and for the proper functioning of photosynthesis.

The presence of Manganese – improves nitrogen uptake, photosynthesis and enzyme activation.

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