Flowers for hanging baskets

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Pack of 5 biodegradable paper discs with flower seeds for hanging pots. Included are seed discs of petunia, verbena, sanvitalia, lobelia and lobularia. The seed discs are designed for pots with a diameter of about 20 cm and a depth of 20 cm. The flowers are also suitable for balconies, railings, walls.

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Instructions for successful sowing of spices

The seed discs are designed for pots 20 cm in diameter and 20 cm deep. You can also use larger ones by combining the discs. There are more seeds in the discs. Leave 1-2-3 roots, which are best developed, after sprouting and shaping.


Use nutrient-rich but light soil, slightly acidic (pH 6-6.5). The pot should be placed in a sunny location. When the disc is placed in the pot, it is enough to put just a little soil as it is fixed. Water regularly without overwatering. You can sow as early as January, but if you plan to put the pot outside, do it in April or later. Petunia does not tolerate cold. Leave no more than 2-3 roots per pot. If you wish, you can sow the remaining roots in other pots. Petunia will delight you with flowers from May until the end of October. Remember to feed the plants with flowering plant fertiliser every 3-4 weeks. Remove the blossoms with the seeds. Otherwise the colours will diminish. By removing the flower, the seeds remain at the base. Remove them by cutting 2 cm below them with scissors.


For Verbena, use well-drained soil. If you have doubts about the soil you can mix it with sand. You can put the disc in as early as January and take it outside in April. Verbena requires a lot of sun. Place the disc in the middle and put some soil to fix it in the pot. In the beginning, maintain constant moisture. It will germinate in about 3 weeks. Leave 1-2 roots in the pot. The rest you can transfer to other pots if you have the desire and free space. Water 1-2 times a week when the plant is established. Do not overwater. Verbena can withstand drought. Feed with fertiliser carefully and no more often than once a month. Remove the passed inflorescences.


Choose a sunny location for the pot. Sanvitalia blooms from June to September. The soil should be light, sandy. In the beginning, maintain constant moisture. When the plant is established, water once a week. Withstands drought. Cover the disc with just a little soil. You will see the first sprouts in about 2 weeks. Leave only one root in the pot. The plant forms a tufa up to 50 cm in diameter. In April-May you can take outdoors. Remove the passed colours. Feed once every 1-2 months.


Use rich, well-drained and slightly acidic ( Ph 6.0-7.0) soil. Place the disc in the pot and pour a little soil on it to fix it. Maintain constant moisture for the first 2-3 weeks until germination, without overdoing it. Then water a bit every 3-5 days. Keep in mind that Lobelia seeds are extremely small and a lot of them will germinate in the pot. Leave 1-2 roots for a 20 cm diameter pot. If you are able and willing you can transfer some of the plants to other pots and you will have all the flowers. Lobelia does well in full sun and partial shade. In April, May when the temperature also passes 10 degrees at night you can take the pots outside. To flower profusely, feed regularly. It is recommended to fertilise every 2-4 weeks. If you notice that flowering is decreasing, prune the plant and water.


Place the disc in the pot and pour a little soil on it to fix it. Water regularly in the beginning to maintain moisture. Once the plant is established you can water once a week. The origin of the flower is the Mediterranean and therefore short droughts are not a problem for it. At high temperatures flowering may decrease. Use well-drained soil. No feeding is required unless the soil is very poor.

* The product is not suitable for consumption. Wash hands after use.

Important: If you are using packaged soils, peat mixes and substrates bought from building supply stores, watch the pots for drying. Some of the substrates on offer dry out very quickly, especially if the pots are left in a sunny location. Water regularly to avoid the soil drying out. Maintaining constant moisture is essential for plant germination.

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ECO, Biodegradable, Harmless to the environment


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