Hobby gardening

What is gardening hobby and is there any ground in our country?

Gardening as a hobby has a long history in Europe and is gaining more and more popularity. In addition to the traditions that exist from Bulgaria to Scotland and from Sweden to Spain, hobby gardening receives strong support from trends in social development. The pursuit of environmentally friendly and healthy living is naturally passed on in gardening as a hobby. And in the last 2 years it has received another powerful impetus – social restrictions in connection with the COVID pandemic “killed” in the garden and / or terrace.

Does this apply to Bulgaria?

We tend to downplay our daily activities. Yes, we do not have aristocrats to select roses, but everyone has a memory of the flowers of a relative or friend. I remember the patience of my great-grandmother with whom she raised the “coins”. There may be controversy over whether gardening was a hobby or a necessity in ancient times, but this does not change its nature as an activity. In many of us, consciously or unconsciously, there is knowledge and attraction to this activity. Like the cliché – we are breastfed with gardening (at least those of us over 30). In my case, it can be said literally. As a child, about 2 years old, they lost me and would call the police to look for me. While we were in the garden with my great-grandmother Rada, who could not hear well, I disappeared. My relatives mobilized and I was discovered by the rustling that my great-grandmother could not hear – I crawled between the rows of tomatoes and ate quietly and undisturbed. Later I have a memory of the tomatoes that my grandmothers and great-grandmothers grew – not a child, but an adult can go unnoticed among them.

Gardening as a hobby of the city man

Pleasure for the senses

In Bulgaria, the trend for healthy and close to nature life is also clear. Apparently more and more people are moving to suburban houses and villas, or acquiring rural property. And there the most natural thing is to turn to gardening. In fact, it is quite addictive as a hobby. This can easily be explained by the benefits of gardening. It gives you the opportunity to spend some time outdoors with your family. You have a visible result – you pass by every day and enjoy your flowers, or pick vegetables and fruits that you have grown . It is hardly necessary to mention that your vegetables are “more, more, more” – organic than those bought in a store with many certificates. And, of course, they are the most delicious. This is not an exaggeration – freshly picked vegetables have better taste.

Bonuses for strength

Another interesting point that may be underestimated is physical activity. At first glance, it could not be compared to a strength training, for example. But all these small and varied activities with accumulation give no less strain on the muscles. According to a study, 3 hours a week working in the garden significantly reduces the risk of health problems such as high blood pressure, heart problems, type 2 diabetes and others.

Enemy of disease

Last but not least, gardening has a beneficial effect on your mental health. Time spent in light physical activity outside in the fresh air and sun improves mood and reduces stress levels, increases the synthesis of vitamin D. Gardening also improves the immune system. Every 5-7 days I mow the grass in our yard. I compare this activity to meditation. Under the steady noise of the mower, which isolates me from other irritants, I manage to shake off the stress of the working day with steady steps.

After all, what is it that will stop you from immediately burying yourself in vegetable beds or rose bushes? Maybe too little free time or too much workload? Maybe the lack of specialized knowledge? Thanks to modern technologies that are evolving in gardening, as well as in other fields, you can get the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve the desired results in a short time and with less workload.

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