Attractive flowers

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Pack of 5 biodegradable paper discs with seeds of attractive, less common potted flowers. Seed discs of nemesia, celosia, helichrysum, nolana and dahlia are included. The seed discs are designed for pots with a diameter of about 20 cm and a depth of 20 cm. The size is 86×77 mm and is placed in the middle of the pot.

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Instructions for successful sowing of flowers

The seed discs are designed for pots 20 cm in diameter and 20 cm deep. You can also use larger ones by combining the discs. There are more seeds in the discs. Leave 1-2-3 roots, which are best developed, after sprouting and shaping.


Blooms from July to October with bright daisy-like flowers (the variety used in our collection). Reaches up to 30 cm. height. The dahlia is not a pretentious flower and is easy to grow. It requires fertile and well-drained soil and a sunny location. Feeding – once a month until flowering. Use a fertiliser rich in phosphorus and potassium, respectively a little nitrogen. Watering – likes moist soil, but don’t overwater. Water when the soil is dry. To get a plant with lots of colour you need to prune/pinch the top. Once flowering begins, remove the spent blooms.


Blooms from June to September in yellow, orange, red, pink, purple. Reaches up to 25 cm in height. It is relatively easy to grow. The soil must be light and well drained. Add sand if necessary. Cover the disc in the pot with a thin layer of soil – half a centimetre. At a temperature of 15°C, it will germinate in 2 to 3 weeks. Water regularly. It does not tolerate drought but is sensitive to overwatering. Try to keep the soil moist, not rotten. Choose a sunny spot or semi-shade, but bear in mind that it does not tolerate very high temperatures. In April, you can take outside. Leave 1-2 roots in the pot. If desired, the rest can be replant elsewhere.


The soil must be very well drained. Cover the disc with half an inch of soil. Maintain moisture until germination. Then water only when the soil is dry. The plant is sensitive to overwatering. Another feature is that the place must be well lit. Does not tolerate temperature drops. Feeding – once a month with liquid compound fertilizer. If you notice the plant fading and slowing down, it is probably due to overwatering or overfeeding. Leave 2-3 roots in the pot. The rest can be planted elsewhere if desired.


This is the tallest flower in the collection. It can reach up to 50 cm and this should be taken into account when choosing and placing the pot. An interesting feature is that the flower is not made of petals, but of modified leaves. Immortelle thrives well in light, sandy soil. The place must be sunny. In partial shade it will not flower much. Withstands drought. Water once a week. Feeding – 1-2 times. The optimum temperature for germination is 20-22°C. Flowering will begin 3 months after germination and continue until the end of October. Cut flowers keep their appearance for a very long time. Leave 1-2 plants in the pot.


Blooms from June to late September. Since it comes from the Chilean deserts, it is drought resistant. It has a natural mechanism to collect moisture in the air. But still remember to water occasionally. He wants lots of sun – at least 8 hours a day. The soil must be light, sandy and very well drained. Nolana quickly occupies the space by forming tuffs. Therefore, it is better to leave one root in the pot. Can also be used for hanging pots. Does not require special feeding unless the soil is very poor. In fact does not require much care.

* The product is not suitable for consumption. Wash hands after use.

Important: If you are using packaged soils, peat mixes and substrates bought from building supply stores, watch the pots for drying. Some of the substrates on offer dry out very quickly, especially if the pots are left in a sunny location. Water regularly to avoid the soil drying out. Maintaining constant moisture is essential for plant germination.

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ECO, Biodegradable, Harmless to the environment


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