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Grass/garden edging 78 mm

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Flexible plastic edging / border edging for grass, alleys and garden design. Length 1 meter , height 78 mm.


Flexible plastic edging / border , which you can use to separate different areas in the garden, whether they are grass, flower beds, paved paths or more. With it, you will create distinct and beautiful borders between different zones. Suitable for separating different pavements – grass, paving stones, mulch, gravel , earth, sand, natural stone. Thanks to its flexibility it can be used to make different and unique shapes. For example, the separation of an area around trees. With the garden edging you can create a perfect landscape design for your garden. Lightweight and easy to install and at the same time stable and durable attachment to the ground thanks to 24 cm anchors/pins.

Made from 100% recycled material. UV resistant.

Length 100 cm

Height 7,8 cm

Base width 8,9 cm

Weight 600 g

Anchors/pins are sold separately.


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Flexible plastic edging to separate different areas in the garden.

– Easy to install

The Edging are clamped together with a click system. No need to dig further. The edging are fixed with anchors to the terrain.

– Flexible

You can create any shape in the garden thanks to the flexability of the edging. At the same time, you do not lose stability. Whether it will be a circle, curves or right angles – it’s all up to your imagination. Thanks to them, you can easily turn your landscape design project into reality.

– Durable

UV resistant. Resistant to low and high temperatures. Resistant to traditional chemicals used in the garden.

– Universal

They can be used to separate areas of any cover – grass, gravel, mulch, dirt, sand, pavers, natural stone. They can be used for the construction of paths, alleys and spaces for other purposes.

Also available in other heights! 
Weight 0.600 kg
Dimensions 100 × 7.8 × 8.9 cm

UV resistant, Resistant to low temperatures, 100% recycled materials


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Lawn edging , for gardenGrass/garden edging 78 mm
4.30 лв.