Grass Roll

Grow beautiful grass in your yard – easier and quicker than ever

Enjoy a healthy and dense grass carpet

What is a Grass Roll?

Planting and maintaining the perfect lawn is easy “only on paper”. However, we have a product that gives a new meaning to this expression. See how you can create a flawless lawn all by yourself, just for 10-14 days.

The Grass Roll is a complex solution to create the perfect lawn. It is an easily transported 10×0.5-meter paper roll. The biodegradable paper of the roll contains grass seeds, fertilizer and hydrogel.

  • The high-quality grass seeds are a mix of varieties and are evenly spaced to cover the recommended sowing rate.
  • The complex fertilizer provides the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium needed for grass growing.
  • The hydrogel is another innovative solution. The evenly spaced hydrogel ensures that constant humidity is maintained exactly where it is needed – close to the grass roots. This way, the need for watering is reduced and the grass stays green and fresh.
Once you try out our Grass Rolls, all you have to do is wonder where they have been all your life.

Grass growing is easier than ever

The Grass Roll offers a complex solution. Since we replace several planting operations with a single unwinding of the roll, you save both time and effort. Thanks to the incorporation of seeds, fertilizer and hydrogel in the paper roll, there is no need to use specialised techniques to achieve perfectly even grass growth. The rolls are light and easy to lay down, even by children. The Grass Roll is a good occasion for your family to spend time together in the garden. This technology allows everyone to take part in the process and quickly see the result in just 10-14 days. 

Unwinding the grass-roll

Safe for the environment

Protect the grass seeds from ants and other insects without pesticides

With the Grass Roll, the grass seeds are protected from ants until they germinate. Ants are a common problem and a serious factor when growing grass. They are able to “collect” the seeds over a huge area, depriving you of the perfect lawn or any sprouted grass at all. The traditional solution is insecticide treatment. With the Grass Roll, the seeds are protected from ants and birds and do not require insecticide treatment. Also, the paper housing the seeds is biodegradable, and the hydrogel is safe for both humans and the environment.  

Perfect for sloping terrain

Ants and birds are not the only ones who can ruin the pleasure of creating the perfect lawn. This can also happen during the traditional spring or autumn rains. Even the slightest slope of the terrain is a precondition for the water to carry away the extremely light grass seeds. This common problem is also solved with the Grass Roll. The biodegradable paper retains the seeds until they germinate and prevents them from being swept away. 

Easy grass growing on a sloping terrain

Saving water

Irrigation system for grass carpet irrigation

The Grass Roll with the integrated hydronanogel is a prerequisite for reducing the water needed for watering. The hydronanogel is a substance that absorbs and retains water. Just 1 gram of beads absorbs up to 300 ml of water which is gradually absorbed by the grass roots. Hydronanogel is safe both for humans and the environment. It remains active in the soil for 5 years and improves the soil’s structure and increases aeration. 

Suitable for repairing damaged sections of existing lawns

The Grass Roll is a convenient way to repair damaged areas of your existing lawn. It’s a common occurrence for pets to damage sections of the existing lawn. Landscaping changes, additional construction or intense sporting activities can also lead to grass damage. You can just cut out the shape of the damaged area from the Grass Roll (you still need to remove the plants, roots and side objects, and level the ground).

Damaged grass carpet in your yard

The perfect conditions

Irrigation system for grass carpet irrigation

Thanks to the automated placement of high-quality seeds, fertilizer and hydronanogel, you can achieve even grass growth, a prerequisite for the perfect grass carpet. The DuraTec NPK complex fertilizer with a unique combination of two nitrogen supply technologies for efficient and ecological supply of nutrients is inserted in the Grass Roll. The Grass Roll creates conditions for fast germination of the grass and you can already enjoy the first stalks on the 10th day after laying. 

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