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Grass Roll

27.90 лв.

Roll of biodegradable paper measuring 0.5×10 meters with embedded grass seeds, fertilizer and hydrogel.

  • Mixture of grass seeds 150 g:

    40% Lolium Perenne Esquire
    50% Festuca Rubra Maxima 1
    10% Poa Pratensis Geisha

  • Тор: Floranid® Twin Eagle Master 19-5-10(+2) 150 гр.

    Floranid® is an NPK complex fertilizer with a unique combination of two nitrogen supply technologies for efficient and environmentally friendly nutrient supply.

  • Hydronanogel 20 гр.

    Hydronanogel granules are characterized by their high water absorption and guarantee optimal moisture / soil moisture conditions. They are active in the soil for 5 years and improve soil structure and increase soil aeration. Hydronanogel is completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Our contribution to nature: A new generation of high-quality paper made from agricultural waste (stems and leaves) with 100% green energy used for the whole product.

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Weight0.580 kg
Dimensions52 × 10 × 10 cm

ECO, Biodegradable, Harmless to the environment


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