Seeds in biodegradable paper tape/disk

This is a method in which seeds are placed in biodegradable paper. Not all seeds are suitable for this method. Species for which it is suitable are: carrots, radishes, parsley, lettuce, dill, spinach, and many types of flowers.

There are several advantages of this method. With the strips, the seeds are placed at the correct spacing for the type and this saves the time and trouble of doing this directly in the garden. With one unwinding of the tape and covering with soil the whole job is done. The method is especially suitable for complete beginners who do not have the experience and knowledge of sowing individual varieties. It is also suitable for people who, for age or health reasons, cannot stand bent over in the garden for long periods of time and spread the seeds.

Flower seeds are also placed by other methods in biodegradable paper. They select flower species similar in their soil requirements or height. These are garden mixes that form flower beds.
Flower and spice seeds are also placed in paper discs that are suitable for pots. Discs is one common accepted name that started the idea of introducing the pot method. It subsequently developed into a hexagon shape. Why do we choose this form? Because it has the least waste. In trimming, this is the form where there is little or no waste.

The advantages of this method are again easier sowing, especially of small seeds, which are the seeds of most flowers. One disk is one pot. There are no extra seeds and no opportunity to scatter. We select quality seeds from globally proven seed growers. The method itself makes the product a little more expensive, but many people have recognized their advantages and are happy to use them.

These products are aimed at hobby gardeners. Many years ago this concept did not exist in Bulgaria or at least it was unpopular. Subsequently it came in, but more as a sort of expression, but of no great significance or intrinsic value. In fact, this expression well defines who it is directed at and it is wrong to confuse. Hobby gardening is gardening when we think of it as a hobby. For many years, the gardens were worked mainly for subsistence. Then it has remained as a tradition. Over time some people have really enjoyed working in the garden and these were the first hobby gardeners. They began to seek and exchange seeds with neighbours and relatives to enrich their gardens.

From my personal observations and research, depending on how people tend their garden, there are gardeners who garden to provide local and fresh food for their family or a wider circle to help the family budget. One other group is gardeners who want to eat clean food and know its origins. This is the reason they started gardening. Hobby gardeners, however, are recognized by the passion and joy with which they talk and engage in their garden. They are happy with their harvest, but it is not the goal. They love to create beauty in their garden themselves, to change it, to improve it for the sake of the process. This has become their passion. And if they have 50 species of roses, they will learn about a new species, look for information and a way to make it appear in their garden. Flower seeds in biodegradable paper are most often of interest to these people because they add value not only to their garden, but to their passion in this hobby. Just as there are people whose hobby is to have large libraries or to fly hang gliders or to ski or to collect stamps, there are also people for whom gardening is a hobby.

Walking in the area where we live, we easily recognize in the different gardens what they are for the people who live there. A large proportion garden traditionally and concentrate on the volume of harvest at the end of the season. Another part (unfortunately small) to provide clean food for their family with sparing methods. A third part (the one that inspires us a lot) gardens because it is a hobby and they really get into the process. You look at their gardens and you can’t take your eyes off them. They are different, beautiful and very cozy.
And there are definitely people whose gardens are created by professional gardeners. These people due to lack of time, knowledge, desire or status do not create their own gardens and turn to professionals, i.e. comes the group of gardeners who have made this their profession. We are pleased to see that they have recognised in some of the methods a way to support their own work.
We hope that you too will recognize in this method, your method of seeding. But even if you don’t recognize it, but garden with joy, you are contributing to a more beautiful environment in which we live.

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